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To Whom It May Concern:

Reference: Letter of Reference in respect of Dr. Cynthia Cai Hong Hu

It is with great pleasure that we provide this letter of reference in respect of the quality of service rendered by Dr. Cynthia Cai Hong Hu.

About a year ago, we visited a Foot Reflexology and Body Massage clinic for treatment. Dr. Hu was assigned to take care of us.

Since then, we have been coming under her care on a weekly fixed appointment basis and at times, we visited her twice a week.

We find that our health condition and quality of life have improved tremendously and have been very glad to refer family members, friends and associates to her.

We would like to sum up our experience with Cynthia as follows:

  1. With her background as a medical doctor in China , she is knowledgeable in general health maintenance and is very generous in sharing her knowledge with us;

  2. With her training in body massage and foot reflexology coupled with her knowledge in human physic, her treatment has been very effective - she has been able to assist patients in removing pain, improving muscle flexibility and increasing body stamina;

  3. She possesses very pleasant personality; she is honest and caring and almost all patients have become her personal friends.

We are very happy for her in her effort to set up her own clinic.


Anna Burke & Gregory Burke

Oct.18, 2008

A Testimonial With Respect to Dr. Cynthia Hu

When Cynthia asked me to write a testimonial for her I did not think twice before saying yes.

Before I give a true and honest testament of Cynthia Hu and before the reader thinks this is just a standard reference or some type of promotional "gimmick" on my part, I would like you to know I am a retired college professor and throughout the years I have had massage therapy and reflexology with many different therapists for various sports injuries and car accidents.

My last experience with different massage therapists and reflexologists was in early 2007. At that clinic, by chance, I was assigned to Cynthia. My first treatment with her was an experience I won't forget. Here is a therapist who knows her art. Since then, she became my only therapist.

After a few sessions I found out that she was a medical doctor. I related to her knowledge of anatomy and physiology as I was a Biological Science graduate and had taught Biology throughout my teaching career.

Now that she is the proprietor of her own business (which by-the-way is tastefully decorated, with a tranquil, relaxing and peaceful atmosphere) I know she will be a success in her new venture. They say the best advertisement one can have is "by word of mouth". Well I am happy to have helped in this respect. So far I have been instrumental in sending ten patients to her. How impressed are they? Well, some come from fairly long distances to Cynthia. For example on comes from West Vancouver, two from North Vancouver, one from North Delta and two from South Surrey. They and the other five have become clients.

I have treatments with Cynthia sometimes every week or every other week and have benefited from her therapy, diagnosis and her advice. As an added benefit her rates are extremely reasonable and affordable.

I have become a good friend with Cynthia and have learnt about aspects of her life. Cynthia is intelligent and bright. She is knowledgeable. She is sensitive and kind. She is thoughtful. She has the gift of diagnosing one's ailments. She is committed to her art. She is committed to her clients and her overall personality is a very friendly and pleasant one.

To the readers, I began this testimonial by telling you I will give a true and honest evaluation of my friend Dr. Cynthia Hu. Try her for whatever physical ailments you have and you will see that what I have said is true.

Ralph Bideshi Bsc. Msc.

Retied College Professor

Nov. 8, 2008

Reference: Letter of Reference in respect of
Golden Feet Reflexology

Prior to my reflexology/acupressure treatments at Golden Feet Reflexology , I was walking with a painful limp, and I had been suffering from excruciating back, hip, and shoulder pain for over 20 years. Now, after just six weeks of treatment, my daily walks are pain free, my hip and shoulder pain no longer keep me awake at night, and my back has improved tremendously. I intend to continue having double treatment sessions on a weekly basis to ensure that my muscles, tendons, and ligaments continue to both strengthen and remain pliable.

Golden Feet Reflexology is a five star healing centre! The staff is friendly, professional and extremely knowledgeable in the areas of reflexology, acupressure, and acupuncture. A treatment season is like a visit to a spa, as you are greeted with warm hospitality during your entire visit. Chinese tea, a hot Epson salts foot bath, soft lights, and lyrical music are all part of the ambiance.
I am delighted with the results of my treatments at Golden Feet Reflexology, and I am extremely grateful to the staff for significantly increasing the quality of my daily life.

Linda Saunders

Retired Teacher
Vancouver School Board

Dr. Cynthia Hu

Golden Feet Reflexology Ltd.
#100-532 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC V5Z 1E9

November 7, 2008

Dear Dr. Hu,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the last 18 months of service and treatment you have provided for me. You have helped me overcome a few chronic ailments that have left me in complete discomfort, including neck/back problems and plantar fasciitis (and problems that have arisen as a result of this condition).

While my conditions have drastically improved, I still look forward to your regular treatments as I realize they have been very beneficial towards my overall health and well-being.

My wife would also like to thank you for the treatment you provided her, especially during her pregnancy. Your comprehensive knowledge of prenatal therapies proved to be most useful for Jessica.

The quality and cleanliness of your service has been first class; your friendly and knowledgeable therapists and staff are always a pleasure to see as well. Their skills are well cultivated and their hands are like magic! Golden Feet is always a most comfortable and relaxing experience.

I wish you every success and the best of luck.


Demitri Douzenis

To Whom It May Concern:

Reference: Letter of Reference in respect of Ms. Cynthia Cai Hong Hu

I have had Acupressure and Foot Reflexology weekly from Cynthia for 17 months. In addition to giving effective treatments, Cynthia is a sensitive, kind and honest person of great integrity. She continuously demonstrates care and diligence to ensure that I have service of the highest standard. She is truly committed to the health and well-being of her clients.


Laura Unger

Hospital Worker

Oct. 18, 2008


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