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Company Portfolio

ˇ°Golden Feetˇ± is located in Unit 317, 550 West Broadway, Vancouver, Canada. With 14 massage tables and 9 sofas for foot reflexology, "Golden Feet" provides a comfortable place for self-employed technicians to cooperate with the clinic. Self-employed technicians rent this place to provide related services for their regular customers. The health-care functions provided by a self-employed technician may include the following six elements::

  1. Acupuncture, including Electrical Machine, Cupping, Skin Scraping
  2. Acupressure (Chinese-style Deep Tissue Body Massage)
  3. Foot Reflexology
  4. Hand Reflexology
  5. Lymph Drainage Massage (only for females)
  6. Chinese Treatment for Foot Ailments


ˇ°Canadian Golden Rainbow Reflexology and Massage Ltd. is associated with independent technicians who provide Chinese style massage to customers."

"Golden Feetˇ± and its Chinese Characters Design and Logo own ˇ°Trade Markˇ±.

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