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Golden Feet, located in Unit 317, 550 West Broadway, Vancouver BC, Canada, opened on Oct.17, 2008. Golden Feet positions itself as a professional service centre for massage and health care. With 14 body-massage cubicles and 9 sofas for foot reflexology massage, it provides the following health-care functions:

  1. Acupuncture, including Electrical Machine, Cupping, Skin Scraping
  2. Acupressure (Chinese-style Deep Tissue Body Massage)
  3. Foot Reflexology
  4. Hand Reflexology
  5. Lymph Drainage Massage (only for females)
  6. Chinese Treatment for Foot Ailments

The service team of Golden Feet consists of professionals with medical and health-care background all of whom have passed the professional qualification tests.

Like other successful corporations sticking to their own mandates, Golden Feet holds its service mandate as "providing professional Chinese-style massage services to our valuable customers" and its goal is to"win the heart of our customers".

We at Golden Feet hope that we become your "Noah's Arc" and "Shangri La" during your times dealing with stresses and pressures.


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